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 1: Have a Good Graphing Calculator

Having a good graphing calculator can make you Calculus III experience 10 times easier. Being able to graph functions, check homework answers, and check test/quiz questions makes all the difference when taking Calculus III. So invest in a good common calculator. Texas Instruments calculators are standard for most students.

Two great calculators. The Ti-84 on the left offers a more simple approach. While the Ti-89 offers a more advanced approach with a LOT more features. I high recommend the Ti-89.


2: Buy a Good Pencil and Eraser

Two of the most important things for any math class. A nice mechanical pencil will allow you to draw detailed graphs in 3 dimensions. (Yes graphs with 3 axises will appear is Calculus III a lot!). So don’t use that dull yellow pencil that you found in the bottem of your backpack unless you are ready to have very sloppy hard to read notes.

The Best Pencil and Eraser Combo I have Ever Used!


3. Have Tons of Paper!

When it comes to Calculus III always use as much paper space as you need to make clear, accurate, and descriptive notes! Use a new page every time you start a problem and make sure you write your own notes along side your professors notes to help you understand the content. Remember you could keep these notes for the rest of your college years and career.

4. Buy a Smart Pen

A smart pen allows you to write your lecture notes in pen, transfer them to your computer to create an exact digital copy, and be able to record your lecture while you write! Smart pens are a must have tool for studying out of class.

Top Recommended Smart Pen: The Echo

5. Get Sleep

Anyone who is looking to succeed in calculus III will preform their best when they are fully rested. Make a point to get the right amount of sleep before the day of class to ensure you are in a good mindset.


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